Encasement printed with da Vinci 1.0 printer

The development of the encasement for the body interaction takes a lot of time although we use 3d print services. The 3d print services need one to four weeks until delivery. The quality of the cases are good, but if you wait so long for the next iteration of the design, it can’t be called rapid prototyping.

BI1 case - first print with da Vinci 1.0

BI1 case – first print with da Vinci 1.0

Now we bought the 3d printer da Vinci 1.0. The main reasons are: low-prized, available and immediately usable. In addition it has a heated print bed so it can print ABS. The print quality is not comparable with most 3d printing services and it is not as good as e.g.a Ultimaker. Nevertheless we hope that it will help us in designing the encasement faster than before.

The printed surface is not smooth but there are no edges where you can hurt yourself.

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