What is body interaction?

The “body interaction”(BI) is a “vibrator development board” for building vibrating devices. It consist of a printed circuit board (PCB) with a vibration motor, an accelerometer, a LiPo battery and battery charger and wireless radio frequency (RF) communication. The board can be programmed with the Arduino IDE. The development is documented in this blog. body interaction is Open Source Hardware. Have a look at the quick start guide.

Track motion, give vibration feedback and communicate wireless

The BI is designed for building a wearable autonomous device: With the accelerometer, movement data can be recorded and send to other BI by wireless RF communication. Gestures can be recognised and used for controlling the vibrator motor.

Different vibration pattern can be used to give the wearer information or feedback. Other use cases for vibration are massage application or moving objects (e.g. “vibrobot”).

Design and print your case

The development board is is for people who want to build an individual (printed) case for the body interaction 1. Board, 3D printed encasement and Arduino program together are the individual final product.


The first 3d printed case.

bodyinteraction in the press




  • Atmel Attiny84 (8kbyte)
  • LiPo charger (via USB)
  • LiPo battery
  • vibration motor (PWM controlled)
  • BMA020 accelerometer
  • two additional I/O ports
  • ISP interface (2×3 pole header) for programming
  • RFM12B (915 or 868 Mhz)
  • approx.  22×35 mm 20x36mm
  • open source hardware

History of SMD boards

1st version: poor layout, weak motor driver, but it work’s


Revision 2: doesn’t work with JeeLib library

Revision 3: has an on/off switch, all ICs are on the top side

Revision 4: different layout for ISP header; switch and USB are on the same side; JST SH connector for the battery

Revision 5: JST connectors for battery and vibration motor, USB on top / switch on bottom side (as in revision 3), 2 possible positions of the ISP header (as in revision 3)

Revision 7: JST connectors are easy accessible


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