Cases – overview

The body interaction board is nothing without a case. The case is important as it defines the function. Is it a funny vibrating figurine, a wellness massage device or even a sex toy – the look and feel is so important. All design are open source – view, download, modify and share at Thingiverse.

red + pcb 2Silicone molded BI1








We describe two ways to build a case on your own:

  • 3d printing: You can design and print out your case at home or at your local Maker place or Fablab. There are numerous services which offer 3d printing in high quality and with a wide range of materials. Follow this 3d-printing-how-to
  • Molding: You can overmold the BI1 board e.g. with silicone. First you have to design a form. This can be done with plasticine and other “traditional” techniques. In the form you poor the material and after some hours you can remove the form and take out the overmolded BI board. We show you how to use a 3d printer to make a form. Follow this molding-how-to.

There are much more recent examples in the Blog.

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