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Q1 Building a remote control for the body interaction vibrator development board:

What I’m trying to make is remotely controlled vibration motor.
The closest thing I have found on the net is on your site and the vibrator development board on tindie.com.
I’d like to control the vibration strength on Arduino side (as transmitter), not with acceleration sensor on the same board.
Arduino will be connected to PC with USB cable.
Please tell me what additionally I have to buy ? Maybe one more RFM12B radio modul ?
Can you help me with simple code for transmitter and receiver node…


A1 For your project you can use a Ardunio shield from JeeLab:

The shield has the Hope RF transceiver on board. There are two version of the transceiver: 915Mhz (US, Australia), 868Mhz (Europe, Asia).
You can buy the 868MHz version here:

Please order the classic version as the classic version is used for the vibrator development board, too.

The 915Mhz version was available from Modern Devices:
But now I cannot find it in their shop. Alternatively you can buy the JeeNode USB, which is a 3.3V version of the Arduino Uno and the transceiver is included:

Q2 Can you help me with simple code for transmitter and receiver node…


A2 The code for sending and receiving is simple. The following example sketches are part of the JeeLib library you need for wireless transmission:


You can leave out the rf12_encrypt statement.
“payload[]” is the text which will be transmitted.



Q3 I wonder what exactly motor are you using and if it’s possible to use any more powerful one.

What powerful vibrating motor wold you recommend to use in my own design? If you provide me with the link where it can be purchased? that would be very appreciated.


A3 I am using an encapsulated vibration motor (1.5V) provided by Seeed Studio from a chinese company. Before I used motors from http://www.precisionmicrodrives.com/vibrating-vibrator-vibration-motors

They are more powerful ( and more expensive). Now they offer only 3V motors. The motors I used need 1.5 V, but they don’t sell them anymore.

Maybe the following vibration motor


will be the right one. If you don’t need an encapsulated motor you will find much more powerful motors (look at ebay) but you cannot mold them with silicone. If you want to wire a 3 V motor you might have to shortcut R4 (see pcb designs).

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