body interaction vibrator development board 2 (BI2)

With this board you can make your own WLAN (WiFi) connected sex toy

  • ESP8266 Microcontroller with WLAN
  • MPU9250 (accelerometer, gyroscope)
  • LiPo battery charging
  • 3 motors can be connected (simple motor driver circuits)
  • 1 WS2812B LED – a  colourful LED (16 Mill. colours). They are commonly known as Adafruit Neopixel – a strip or a ring of individual programmable LEDs (when use the WS2812B only two motors can be connected)
  • design based on the great Adafruit Feather Huzaah ESP8266
  • vibration motors and LiPo battery can be easily connected with JST 1mm connectors
  • two reset buttons (the button next to the USB connector can be overmolded)
  • USB connector for battery charging and code uploading
  • programmable with the Arduino IDE or NodeMCU
  • white LED for indicating charging
  • standard LED (yellow) on GPIO00
  • round 40mm diameter

There are 3 different sets available. Find more information here or at

body interaction vibrator development board 1 (BI1)

With our development board it is easy to build your own intelligent vibrator.

  • Program any vibration pattern
  • Tiny, smart form factor
  • Control the vibrator by your movements
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Radio control (but no WLAN/WiFi)
  • Communication and syncronization with other vibration development board
  • Motion data upload (needs additional hardware)
  • Arduino compatible
  • Includes LiPo battery and encapsuled vibration motor

All you have to do is to plug in the vibration motor and the battery. Have a look at the quick start guide. I sell on tindie. Click on the logo or read this post to learn more.

I sell on Tindie

BI1 connected with ISP headerboards arrived one box

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