Great sources about Teledidonics

Metafetish teledildonics since 2005!

Toymakerprojekt  – technological empowerment for sexuality & pleasure

nsfw DIY – Making For Adults

Hacking my vagina great pioneer work by Micah where the hacking of a LeLo Lila vibe is described.

“There could be a lot more to electronic sex toys than just a battery and a motor. I want the future to be full of toys that know how to play.” (Micah)

Sex toys and Human-Computer-Interfaces

Adopting the Brain’s Plasticity  Neural stimulating sex toy project

Touch surface, gesture recognition and masturbator building

Franklin’s Sex Tech: The Gesture Controlled Vibrator

Dildo It yourself – harness and dildo open source resources

Gesture & brain controlled vibrators

Other Arduino sex toy projects & company

Comingle   OSHW company building the MOD vibrator dildo

HUM Intelligent Arduino based vibrator

Master Beta Kit Arduino based kit for driving a vibrator

Controlling main powerded sex toys – sex toy DB

Other 3d printing / construction websites

Sexshop3d 3d printing service for sex toys

Dildo generator free service for generating and individualizing the shape of a dildo

Dildo generation  (and more sex toys) using OpenSCAD. OpenSCAD is a kind of (declarative) programming language. Now we have algorithms or specifications for designing a Dildo.  Fantastic!

Security and Internet of Sex Toys

Internet of dongs – analyse security of commercial IoT (or BT) sex toys

Sex toys and art

Sex Toys & Dada Art: Who-Ha Da-Da


Sex, tech and the law Blog reporting about the latest sex tech patents

Some randomly selected sex tech companies

Intimuse Inc. Some knowledgeable thoughts about sex tech and IP strategies


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