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Unboxing and assembling of vibrator development board

The body interaction development board includes everything to start: the board, the LiPo battery and a vibration motor. Put it together in a few minutes. All you need now is a 3d printed case.

We give away a limited number of body interaction development boards for free. Please send a short description of your project with your email, mail address (and website) to Only available outside the US due to patent trolls.  Please send us a photo or video when the project is finished. Your data are not given to anyone else and will be deleted on request.

Video in Youtube

In the next post we show you how to assemble a 3d printed case and the body interaction development board.

Body Interactor SMD is pleased to show the first prototype in SMD technology. The functionality is the same, but it is very small (approx. 20x30cm).

As you see we are not experienced in soldering SMD parts. But we will learn how to do it and we will tell our experience.


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