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New vibrator design for the vibrator development board & 3d cases

Chain of Ball 2

Chain of Ball Vibrator design with cap

The new design catches the “chain of balls” design theme used in some sex toys. It was constructed in Tinkercad and it is really simple to do it on your own. This how-to video explains the construction in detail.




many balls body interaction vibrator development board

The design is composed from several spheres

Try it on your own in Tinkercad. Just grab a sphere, make a copy, resize the copy, make a copy again and repeat this until you have a chain of spheres. Now select all sphere and use the “align” tool. That’s it.

The tricky part is the screw cap. This is needed to enclose the body interaction vibrator development board.





Chain of Ball vibrator being printed

Chain of Ball vibrator being printed in ABS, XYZ printer 1.0, on the bottom is the support material

New organic vibrator design

organic_wide_-_hole_20_-_finalWe have two new vibrator cases for the body interaction vibrator development board vibrator. Both have organic forms. The difference between them is the thickness on the top.  Both version comes with a cap which are fixed with three M3 screws.

copy_of_organic_wide_-_hole_20_-_finalThey are constructed with Tinkercad. The design is still simple. The complete form is composed out of 9 half spheres.

Another difference to all earlier designs is a change in the inner hole form. It is smaller to fit better the development board.

Printout with XYZ printer, ABS:


Try to construct your own with Tinkercad:
https://tinkercad.com/things/k8JcnN2Eqtj (wide)

Or download from Thingiverse:


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