Get started with Arduino 1.6.7 and Windows 10

Thanks to christmas I am the owner of a new Windows 10 notebook. So I experienced the trouble other user encounter when the use the ATtiny microcontroller the first time.

I wrote a new how-to for the installation of Arduino 1.6.7. Although it takes some time to configure all options, everything can be done within Arduino 1.6.7 (No replacing and moving of files is necessary.)

sucessful compiling

The how-to describes the necessary steps:

  1. Installation of an ATtiny core (thanks to the new core from Spence Konde installation is much easier)
  2. Installation of the JeeLib
  3. Configuration (programmer etc.)

Driver installation (Windows only)

Another frustating aspect is the installation of the driver for the USBtinyISP. The USBtinyISP is needed to connect your Windows computer and the body interaction development board. The connect your computer how-to is now improved. If you use Linux or a Mac there is no driver needed.

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