ISP header

revision 5 with ISP header on top

revision 5 with ISP header on top

To upload an Arduino sketch the board must be connected to a computer. Most convenient is a USB connection. For the ATTINY 85 processor a very good solution exist which is based on the  Micronucleus bootloader. Unfortunately there is no implementation for the ATTINY84.

Therefore we have to use the ISP connection. This has the advantage that we can use all 8kByte as we don’t need a bootloader. But the ISP connector which must be connected with the 6 pin header on the board is very big (it is about 12mm wide, the board is 20mm wide). A solution is to insert a 6 pin header into the connector and bend this header. Unfortunately this doesn’t work very good, especially if you have to debug a program and upload new versions again and again. As you see in the pictures I soldered the ISP header to the board.
ISP headerUploading works now without any problem, but the board doesn’t fit in the encasement. (The header stick out causing problems to close the encasement with the cap.)

That’s why we developed version 4. The ISP header is now on top of the board facing the opening of the encasement. But this is not a solution – there is not enough place for the LiPo battery and ISP connector even with a very small battery.

So I guess there is no solution other than bending the ISP pins.

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