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How a program for the body interaction 1 works

The P5_fin script (program) is the basic Arduino script which demonstrates all functions available:

  • The speed of the vibration motor is controlled by movements.
  • Movement data are sent to other body interaction boards.
  • Vibration strength is adjusted when near by body interaction boards have different speed

BI1 interaction pattern

How it works:

The P5_fin script reads data from the accelerometer. Depending of the measured motion the vibration motor is speed up or slowed down. (Slow motion = reduce vibration motor speed, fast motion = speed up).

When the measured motion changes the motion data are sent out and can be received by other BI1. At the same time this script listen to other body interaction boards which send their motion data to all listening nodes.

CodebenderWithBI script and parametersWhen the measured motion of other body interaction board are different from the motion measured by this script, the vibration motor is adjusted (speed up or slowed down). So two or more body interaction boards can influence each other and synchronize after some time. The documented script is available in codebender. In this how-to the uploading of the script is explained.


Record and share sex toy activity

John Millward showed in his recent study that there is not much knowledge about sex toy usage. By analysing buying behaviour in UK biggest online store he learned a lot about who is interested in which kind of toy (men/woman, single/attached). But who will use the toy which one has bought for what and for how long is still unknown.

Activity of 3 BI boards over time. Each color represents one BI which has a distinct node ID.

Activity of 3 body interaction (BI) vibration development boards over time. Each color represents one BI.

The body interaction vibrator development board recognizes activity (motion) data and sends the data to other boards or to a server. So it is possible to upload the usage data of one or multiple vibrators to a (internet) database.

What could we learn from this data:

  • how often people use sex toys
  • how long is a typical session
  • usage pattern: on your own or with your partner
  • handling of the vibrator
  • motion frequency analysis for orgasm detection

There are manifold application areas for this data:

  • compare (and compete) with others
  • quantify yourself
  • learn more about the quality of sex
  • share benefitable sex toy usage pattern

You could also combine the sex toy data with other fitness data and learn how sex eg. influences your health.

With the body interaction vibrator development board it is easy to upload the data. In this how-to we explain how it is done. In the next blog post we will explain the presentation of sex toy activity plots in the web.

Programming with Codebender

CodebenderWithBI script and parametersCodebender is a great browser-based programming tool. Especially their support for non-standard Arduino platforms like the popular ATtiny microcontrollers is impressive. Before codebender you had to install the actual Arduino software plus the ATtiny core plus compiler updates…

With codebender you select the Arduino core and that’s it. In the new how-to we show you how-to upload a Arduino script to the body interaction 1 (BI1) board. And we present you a script for controlling the  BI1 and how BI1 communicate wireless with one another.

Writing programs for the ATtiny84

The Arduino IDE is used to write programs. To transfer the code to the ATtiny you need an ISP programmer. Debugging is much harder as there is no serial interface to transfer data between ATtiny and your computer- the monitor function of the Arduino IDE does not work. A very good description how to set up the Arduino IDE for…