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Unboxing and assembling of vibrator development board

The body interaction development board includes everything to start: the board, the LiPo battery and a vibration motor. Put it together in a few minutes. All you need now is a 3d printed case.

We give away a limited number of body interaction development boards for free. Please send a short description of your project with your email, mail address (and website) to info@bodyinteraction.com. Only available outside the US due to patent trolls.  Please send us a photo or video when the project is finished. Your data are not given to anyone else and will be deleted on request.

Video in Youtube

In the next post we show you how to assemble a 3d printed case and the body interaction development board.

The body interactor BI01 – small is beautiful

We have build a prototype of the so called body interactor using jeelab hardware (JeeNodeUSB, Gravity plug) and a simple do it yourself board for driving a vibration motor and a li-po battery. It is easy to assemble these parts, but they are quite expensive. Another point is the form factor. The JeeNodeUSB is quite large for such a simple…

Writing programs for the ATtiny84

The Arduino IDE is used to write programs. To transfer the code to the ATtiny you need an ISP programmer. Debugging is much harder as there is no serial interface to transfer data between ATtiny and your computer- the monitor function of the Arduino IDE does not work. A very good description how to set up the Arduino IDE for…

For what is a body interactor good for?

A body interactor is small device which is able to communicate wireless with other body interactors. It has one sensor, an accelerometer, for sensing movements. And it is has one actuator: a vibration motor. The body interactor should be able to control the motor using the movement data of its own accelerometer as well as the data send by other body interactors.

There are multiple usage in the area of lifestyle, well-being, exercising and toys e.g. synchronized massage device, exergames for improving coordination.