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vibration makes the mouse moving

  There are more interesting use cases for vibration motors. In this example a 3D printed mouse is equipped with the body interaction pcb board. The vibration makes the mouse moving. The mouse even manages to pass obstacles. On the bottom of the mouse the vibration motor is inserted in a hole. Then the pcb is build in and secured…

For what is a body interactor good for?

A body interactor is small device which is able to communicate wireless with other body interactors. It has one sensor, an accelerometer, for sensing movements. And it is has one actuator: a vibration motor. The body interactor should be able to control the motor using the movement data of its own accelerometer as well as the data send by other body interactors.

There are multiple usage in the area of lifestyle, well-being, exercising and toys e.g. synchronized massage device, exergames for improving coordination.