WeVibe sends usage pattern over the internet

On the Def Con 24 two hackers that the WeVibe4 plus send a lot of usage data to the company. This is reported by EAN online. According to EAN online the following data are recorded and maybe stored in a database:

  • how often you play with the vibe
  • what setting you use
  • how long you play for
  • the temperature of the vibrator


According to the Guardian this data capturing is not covered by the EULA and privacy police of the WeVibe inventor Standard Innovation. The hackers asked for an initiative “Private Play Accord”, which should encourage sex toy manufacturers to sign up to basic standards of privacy and security.

In addition the two hackers “follower” and “goldfisk” released a suit of tools called “WeeVil” which can simulate and control the WeeVibe. This may be an opportunity to hack and customize a commercial top product.

We would like to point out that an open source and open protocol for sex toy data could help to promote sex tech products. If you know what data are transmitted to whom, when and why and where it is stored and if a save protocol is used, could help to give back trust in sex tech. We think that sex toy data storage and analysis could be useful, but therefore the data must be anonymized. There is NO reason to give your PERSONAL data about your sex life to a private company.




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