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Assembling the new violet vibrator form

We ordered the organic vibrator form from Sculpteo. They offer material which can be used for food – so it’s very safe.









IMG_20150901_212010[2]All you need for assembly is the body interaction motion controlled vibrator development board and two M3 screws (about 6mm long).


Assembled board

boards arrived one box








The video explains how-to assemble the Arduino compatible body interaction vibrator board and the form. Watch in Youtube

Unboxing and assembling of vibrator development board

The body interaction development board includes everything to start: the board, the LiPo battery and a vibration motor. Put it together in a few minutes. All you need now is a 3d printed case.

We give away a limited number of body interaction development boards for free. Please send a short description of your project with your email, mail address (and website) to info@bodyinteraction.com. Only available outside the US due to patent trolls.  Please send us a photo or video when the project is finished. Your data are not given to anyone else and will be deleted on request.

Video in Youtube

In the next post we show you how to assemble a 3d printed case and the body interaction development board.

New organic vibrator design

organic_wide_-_hole_20_-_finalWe have two new vibrator cases for the body interaction vibrator development board vibrator. Both have organic forms. The difference between them is the thickness on the top.  Both version comes with a cap which are fixed with three M3 screws.

copy_of_organic_wide_-_hole_20_-_finalThey are constructed with Tinkercad. The design is still simple. The complete form is composed out of 9 half spheres.

Another difference to all earlier designs is a change in the inner hole form. It is smaller to fit better the development board.

Printout with XYZ printer, ABS:


Try to construct your own with Tinkercad:
https://tinkercad.com/things/k8JcnN2Eqtj (wide)

Or download from Thingiverse: